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Jul 19, 2010 11:00pm PDT
is on the verge of becoming the first u.s.-born asian-american to play in the nba and the first livevy leagivn more than a half sentry. he's live where he was a star player. >> reporter: he wanted to walk across the street and attend the university. but he didn't get a scholarship, so he started at harvard instead but then no nba team drafted him. now he's about to prove his doubters wrong. >> comes up with the turover. >> reporter: it's plays like this during the summer league that quickly put jeremy high on the nba radar. i knew i could play. i just needed a chance. >> reporter: he took a chance and is now negotiating with several teams on a cross section and lynn doesn't plan to change much. >> a total dream come true. never thought it would come close to reality. >> reporter: he's a devout christian. the 6'4" point guard graduated with a 3.1 gpa from harvard, an economics major and may soon be the smartest player on the court. >> that's going to take adjustment, though. coming in i'm not going to be the smartest one. your attitude going in to be humble and that's what i try to focus on. >>
Jul 24, 2010 11:00pm PDT
. >>> five u.s. troops were killed in separate bombings. july is on course to become the deadliest month for american troops in afghanistan since the war began nearly nine years ago. ♪ >> if you pay attention to the news these days you know that stories of budget deficits, layoffs and cutbacks are everywhere. this one is a little bit different. it has an entertaining side, you might say. garvin thomas is at san jose's lincoln high school where alums have come to the rescue of the school's theater arts program. >> reporter: diane, we won't get too deep into the particular budget problems facing this district and this school. you know the general school. not enough money for basics means the perceived extras like sports and the arts get the ax. alumni and boosters of lincoln high's theater arts program say that would be too pitiful an end for such a powerful program and something had to be done. this story reminds us a little bit of those old hollywood musicals, the ones where almost any problem could be solved by putting on a show. tonight at lincoln high school, the problem this show i
Jul 25, 2010 11:00pm PDT
disobedience. the u.s. department stepped in and asked a federal judge to block the bill saying it's the part of the federal government, not state government but that may not happen before thursday before it takes effect. >>> a bay area athlete is breaking barriers in the asian community. he recently signed on with the warriors, despite the fact lynn was virtually ignored as an athlete coming out of high school and college. the story for us. george. >> reporter: jeremy lynn would be the first one to tell you, the doesn't think about being asian-american on the basketball court, focuses on the game. many believe he had to fight to earn respect at every level in a sport there are not many asian faces. when the golden state warriors signed former palo alto basketball star, jeremy lynn, they were sent into a tailspin about how jeremy was breaking the glass ceiling for asian-americans in the nba. >> i start to think about, wow, there's a lot of little kids that look up to me. i'm very thankful for this opportunity and the responsibilit responsibility. >> he's made a great impression. >> reporter:
Jul 26, 2010 11:00pm PDT
up a 5-1 victory for the u.s. jennie finch leaving the game in the seventh to a standing ovation. a very nice sendoff for her after an impressive playing career. >> congratulations to her. >> jennie was super. >> she needs a cereal box. >> she has been. >> thanks. >> thanks for choosing nbc bay area news tonight. >> we'll see you tomorrow. bye-bye. >>> and now another viewpoint, response to an nbc bay area editorial. >> almost 40% of our public schools budget is spent on overhead. we need to consolidate management and merge districts so we can keep more money in our classrooms. that's the editorial stand we took last week, and you responded. one vow joe, think about the districts where you live. let's move on without so much management oversight. darlene adds, why not go straight for the source. textbooks are a problem. teachers should be using actual documents from the library of commerce instead of interpretation of facts by textbook companies who have traditionally taken a huge chunk of our informational dollar. you can view more at the music
Jul 27, 2010 11:00pm PDT
, walmart and the u.s. postal service. >> after daily exposure, it can mimic hormones and can cause problems. >> reporter: father of three chad pace says he supports the state's efforts to ban bpa from food containers and baby products. he's hoping the next step will be paper receipts. >> i handle receipts just about every day. i've been concerned about bpa for some time now and tried to get it out of the products that my baby bottles and sippy cups and everything is bpa free. hearing it's on receipts, i'd like to have as little of it in our environment as we can. >> reporter: the american chemistry council says the levels in receipts are lou and that it is not easily absorbed through the skin. but studies have shown the chemical used to harden plastic and as a liner in canned foods acts like an estrogen and can affect metabolism. he says he handles hundreds of receipts a day. and without any labels on the papers used for receipts, he has no idea how much bpa he may be exposed to. he says he isn't wearing gloves yet. >> i'll probably change my habits. >> reporter: and while it is still early
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5